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Achievement Tracks
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Wellness Circles
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Parenting Circles

The U4P Achievement Tracks are designed to train and better equip parent learners with real-world skills necessary to close the skills gap and obtain entry into high-demand careers. As a parent learner progresses through the achievement track, relevant skills will be acquired that can be applied in the workplace immediately. Job placement and matching incentive funds may apply.

The U4P Wellness Circle offers parent learners a holistic, open and safe space to share and learn effective techniques/ways to combat challenging thoughts and behaviors, resulting from persistent stressors or trauma, in order to develop a healthy sense of self, practice self-care, improve relationships, and increase their overall quality of life.

The U4P Parenting Circle is designed to address the unique challenges of parenting. Parent learners develop strategies to improve their communication skills with their child(ren), techniques to encourage positive behavior, and activities to help strengthen their bond.

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