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Achievement Tracks

The Achievement Tracks are designed to train and better equip parent learners with real-world skills necessary to close the skills gap and obtain entry into high-demand careers. As a parent learner progresses through the achievement track, relevant skills will be acquired that can be applied in the workplace immediately. Job placement and matching incentive funds may apply.

Ready to Get on Track? U4P is here to help! 

Below, you can explore our Fall 2023 Achievement Tracks and register to participate in an Info Session to learn more about parent learner eligibility and requirements.


*Info Sessions are REQUIRED for enrollment.

Digital Technology.jpg

Digital Technology

The Digital Technology track is designed to educate parent learners on fundamental computer skills in today’s digital age. Modules teach learners how to type and edit documents, send emails, and manage your computer files. From learning about the components of a computer to learning how to use the most common software and apps, this track will equip learners with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing digital workforce.

Group Calls

Intro to Microsoft 365

Intro to Microsoft 365 is a prerequisite for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) -Word/Excel, and M365 Fundamentals Certification. Modules are designed to validate an advanced understanding of digital literacy and indicates that the candidate has the technical foundation needed to advance successfully along their educational and employment paths and support the development of more specialized technological skills. 

Early Learning Career Pathway.jpg

Early Learning Career Pathway

This track prepares parent learners to work in early childhood care and education. The track educates learners about the health and safety of children, how children develop and learn, and how to work with children to support their development and learning.

Workforce Development.jpeg

Workforce Development

This track is designed for learners looking for a new job, switching careers, wanting to start their own business and/or interested in sharpening their skills to achieve life goals. The modules will give you the real-life tools and techniques to take your career to the next level, and the FREE resources and insight to make your small business a reality. Get FREE one-on-one job coaching, resume writing, and interviewing tips. Speak with leading experts to help you take your small business to the next level.

financial foundations.jpeg

Financial Literacy and Sustainability

This track provides provide parent learners with group and one-on-one financial coaching to help them achieve their financial goals by creating an individualized plan that builds assets, reduces debt, and creates pathways for future success. 

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