The University for Parents is a transformative, community-wide and driven protocol that focuses on struggling adults. The program is being built for replication across the 58 U.S. cities where we have local CARES Affiliates, and is designed to extend academic and workforce support, as well as psychological support and direction to comprehensive wrap-around services.


University for Parents offer courses that are built to transform your thinking, provide you with unique skills to succeed and introduce to you new options and opportunities. Included in these courses are:
Literacy - Computer Skills - Leadership - Personal Development - Social and Emotional Healing and Wellness - Effective Parenting Skills - Health and Wellness - Career Readiness - Fatherhood Classes

Child Care - Prizes & Raffles - Food

For Parents, Noncustodial Parents, Guardians, Caretakers
of at least one child (under age 18 years old)

A Poem by
Brenda G. White

Children's Yoga at University for Parents

Just in case you didn’t know, WE NEED YOU.

Just in case it doesn’t quite show, WENEED YOU.

WE NEED YOU, young men and young women. We need your youthful energy, we need
your creativity. We need to see, all that God created you to be.

For just as sure as reality, our ability and strength won’t last indefinitely. When we are feeble, old and grey, and can’t do what we do each day. There’s coming a
day when all of you will have to lead the way.

I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘man, what does that mean?’ It means soon you’ll be the
doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers and everything in between.
So, since everything will be left in your hand, there is something we need you to fully

To be one of those leaders will take preparation, and education is the key. Remember our
ancestors who cried for it, died for it? Without it, you won’t be the very best YOU, you
can be.

So, when they open up the doors for this new school year, don’t run for the chair way back
in the rear, sit up front near the teacher to make sure you can hear.
Just to be clear, WE NEED YOU to learn every lesson that is taught, read every book that
is bought. Do all the work that’s assigned, for there’s no way possible for you to be a great
leader without a great mind.

So, start by limiting your tv watching time, video games and social media, too. To be
honest, a lot of that stuff is just not good for you.

Spend some time in prayer. Ask GOD to show you the way. HE can help you stay focus,
as you start out each day.

Eat your veggies, fruit and drink more water, for this is true,
A healthy body helps the brain absorb math, English, history, and science, too.
I hope by now, you can clearly see, a future leader IS your destiny. So, all that’s left for
me to say, WE NEED YOU to work towards that destiny, starting today.



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July 29th Rites of Passage

We are pleased to announce our Partnership with The Atlanta Fatherhood Institute, who will be facilitating Next Level Life Skills and Fatherhood classes on the University for Parents campus.

The Atlanta Fatherhood Institute

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